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Nick DeLand

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Thank you for you interest in my candidacy! What follows is a snapshot of certain stages of my life and a little about the family I descend from. It is my sincere hope that count on your support through your vote on November 4, 2014!

I was born in Salt Lake City in 1969, to Loni F. DeLand and Cheryl Elaine (Vallejos) DeLand. I attended public education schools including Oakwood Elementary, Bonneville Junior, and Cottonwood High School from where I graduated June 3, 1988 and where I proudly served as a Student Attorney, Student Court Justice, and Student Senator. Also during my high school years, after raising necessary funds, I participated in the “Close Up” program which provided a unique opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. and Williamsburg, Virginia to observe the three branches of our federal government, interact with members of Congress and other government representatives. I was intrigued by government and envisioned one day participating at some level as a representative of the people. First, I felt a calling to serve my fellow citizens as a police officer and so, in 1992, I took the first step on the path many in my family had set before me.

Issues We All Encounter

How Nick will tackle them.

Though I have my own thoughts on particular issues, I am not running for the House of Representatives to represent my own interests. I am running for the House to serve as the voice of the people who live in District 42 specifically, and the citizens of Utah generally. That said, here are a few thoughts on some particular issues that I see as important, as do many residents of District 42. I encourage the residents of the district to email me their own thoughts on issues that concern them. The only way I can truly represent the district is by learning what is important to you! Feel free to email your thoughts to